Lewis County Farm Guide

Boistfort Valley Farm

CSA, Chehalis Farmers Market

Owners: Heidi & Mike Peroni

Mailing Address: PO Box 130, Curtis, Washington 98538

Physical Address:  426 Boistfort Rd, Boistfort, WA 98538

Phone: (360) 245-3796

Email: info@boistfortvalleyfarm.com

Website: www.boistfortvalleyfarm.com

At Boistfort Valley Farm, we cultivate nearly 50 acres of Certified Organic vegetables, herbs and cut flowers for our local farmers markets and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. See us at the Community Farmers Market in downtown Chehalis. Or have an array of freshly harvested vegetables, fruit & flowers delivered to your neighborhood!

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Why is our farm a great match for you?

It’s Fresh! Our produce is grown in season and harvested at its best. Join our CSA and sample more than 120 varieties of local produce, seeded, tended and harvested just for you.

It’s Local. Our farm sells directly to you. The produce is picked fresh, several times per week. And it’s less than 100 miles from our farm to your table.

We Care. We maintain healthy soils, rotate crops, and leave ground fallow to rest the soil. Our farm includes undisturbed areas for wildlife to thrive. We have Salmon Safe certification, and are working with local organizations to conserve riverbank at the farm. We also take care of our employees and ourselves, with fair wages and great produce!

We’re All Yours! We are available all season long to answer questions and provide tips. Plus, we host annual events: a Strawberry Festival in late June, and a Barn Stomp in September. You can visit the farm & see for yourself where your food grows.

Boistfort Valley Farm … Because life’s too short to eat iceberg lettuce.[/expand]


Mountain Niche Farm

We sell direct to the public — farm visits by appointment

Owners: Kimberlee Kerley and Douglas Meyer

Address: 397 Deep Creek Rd. Chehalis, WA 98532

Phone: (360) 740-4667

Email: kim.kerley@earthlink.net

Website: www.mtn-nichefarm.comwww.mtn-niche.com

Lambs for slaughter or breeding, fleece roving, hand- & mill-spun yarns in natural or hand-dyed colors for knitting or weaving. Our 2012 organically fed chickens will be available for pick up June 23, July 7 and July 21. Raised with access to grass, not just in a chicken tractor but inside a predator fence, these are free range! Call to schedule your reserved chickens.

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We are conservation breeders of Navajo-Churro Sheep to preserve this heritage breed. I use them for the purposes they were used for when they were brought to the Western Hemisphere in the 1600’s, wool and meat. We strive to be gentle on the land using rotational grazing. This breed is on the Slow Food Ark of Taste, for all you foodies out there!

Occasionally weavings like rugs, hangings or fabric are offered. Yarn products offered at the annual Olympia Weaver’s Guild Sale during the first weekend in December.

We also offer a full range of web based services, including data base websites like sales sites or animal registries and hosting.[/expand]


Willapa Hills Farmstead and Artisan Cheese

Cow and sheep milk small batch artisan cheeses focusing on a variety of blue cheeses. Come to the farm to purchase. Select farmers markets in the greater Tacoma and Seattle area. Soon you can purchase direct online. 

Owners: Stephen J. Hueffed & Amy Turnbull

Address: 4680 State Highway 6, Doty, WA 98539

Directions: I-5 Exit 77 in Chehalis. Go west approximately 20 miles to the farm.

Phone: 360-291-EWES (3937)

Email: info@willapahillscheese.com

Website: www.willapahillscheese.com

Three generations of our family are involved in raising dairy sheep and making farmstead and artisan cheese on our farm in Southwest Washington State. We have a passion for blue sheep and cow milk cheese and our emerging family of cheeses reflect our love of blue! Together we are sharing the joys and the challenges of life on a family farm.

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We Are Singing the Blues

Inside our century old barn on the banks of the Chehalis River you will find a flurry of activity from sunrise to sunset. Many years of hard work has turned our historic gambrel barn into a fully functioning single 24 milk parlor and state-of-the-art creamery.

A Rare Flock Indeed

Twice a day for much of the year our flock of 140 (and growing) Lacaune-East Friesian cross ewes amble freshest and creamiest milk you can imagine for use in our handcrafted cheeses.

Where Natural Means Natural

Our sheep are raised on pasture without exposure to pesticides, commercial fertilizers or growth hormones.

Our feed is free of animal byproducts and our grass hay is locally grown and nourished by the 70+ inches of rainfall that keeps the eastern edge of the Willapa Hills lush and green. The cow milk for our cheeses comes from a local family cow dairy that shares our commitment to fresh and natural milk.

Quality Milk Equals Quality Cheese

It goes without saying that quality milk is the essence of quality cheese. As Farmstead producers, we are committed to producing both![/expand]


Terralumina Gardens

Owners: Jahn and Renee’ Terralumina

Address: 173 Sareault Rd. Toledo, WA 98591

Phone: (360) 442-0801

Email: terraluminagardens@yahoo.com

Website: www.terraluminagardens.com

Terralumina Gardens is a 5 acre family farm located 
outside of Toledo Washington just off I-5.
We do most everything by hand (no tractors) and consider 
ourselves extreme gardeners rather than “farmers.” 
We farm as a family, currently no interns
or employees.

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Using Biointensive planting practices we are able to 
produce on 5 acres what would take conventional farmers 
25-35 acres to produce, and the practices we use build 
and nurture the soil creating sustainability for the farm.

We love farming, and are passionate about open 
pollinated and heirloom crops. We only grow Open 
Pollinated crops on the farm (No Hybrids).

We felt called to farming in 2006, and left our beloved 
Seattle for the country as we felt it was the best 
environment for raising our children, and deeply
desired an intimate connection with our food and nature.
We have never regretted this decision.

We are foodies. We love to cook, and have eaten 
better, healthier, and with the highest quality ingredients, 
since deciding to farm.

We grow food like a fine dining chef creates their 
masterpieces; with heart, passion, and flavor in mind.

We are sharing our produce with chefs
and individuals in our bioregion through
 Olympia Farmers Market,
 our CSA, and delivery.[/expand]


Rising River Farm

CSA Shares in summer and fall, Olympia Farmers Market May-December, On farm sales — please call first.

Owners: Jennifer Belknap and Jim McGinn

Address: 13208 201st Ave SW Rochester, WA 98579

Phone: (360) 273-5368

Website: www.risingriverfarm.com

We are a 15-acre family farm located in Rochester near the Chehalis River. Since 1994 we have been growing high quality organic produce for folks in Lewis and Thurston Counties. We believe healthy food should be affordable for all, and we have strived to keep our prices fair.

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We tend to stick to the more familiar and “user friendly” vegetables and herbs, while still offering a wide diversity. Of the 40 some-odds crops we raise, there are over 100 varieties among them. We grow all your favorites; crunchy sweet carrots, buttery new potatoes, juicy tomatoes, melt-in-your-mouth corn, just to name a few. There is something for everyone!

Our CSA program has many options so you can find what works for your family. We send out a weekly newsletter with farm news and recipes to help you better utilize your share. See our website for CSA details and registration.

At the Olympia Farmers Market we sell veggie & herb starts in spring and produce in summer, fall, and winter. We are there Thursday-Sunday from May-October and on Saturday and Sunday November-December. Our stall is located in the SE wing of the market. Come see us! Senior discounts on Thursdays for those 65 and older.

We offer great deals on bulk produce for canning, freezing, and winter storage. PICKLING CUCMBERS ARE OUR SPECIALTY! See our website for a complete list of crops.[/expand]


More Local Farms

3 Feathers Emu Ranch and Farm
Emu Oil, Beauty Products made with Emu Oil, Blown Eggs, Leather

Best Family Farms
Locally grown produce

Black Sheep Creamery
Fine handcrafted Sheep Milk Cheeses

Brer Rabbit Farms
Certified naturally grown produce

Coffee Creek Community and Gardens
Fresh Locally Grown Produce

Constellation Farm
Fresh Locally Grown Produce

Cathy’s Cut Flowers
Fresh Cut & Dried Flowers

Jacobs Creamery
Handcrafted Artisan Cheeses, Hand Churned Butter, Fresh Eggs

Morning Dew Farm
Unique fruits and nursery stock

Newaukum Valley Farm
Fresh Locally Grown Produce

Rosecrest Farms
Artisan Swiss Cheese

Rose of Sharon Farm and Lewis County Bee Keepers Association
Farm Fresh Eggs, Honey, & Vegetables

South Meadow Lavender
Dried Herbs, Wreaths, Potpourri, Oils, & Soap

Stoney Plains Organic Farm
Certified Organic Produce

Sweet Briar Herb Farm
Certified Organic Herbs & Produce

Twin Oaks Creamery
Handcrafted Goat & Cows milk cheese

Wobbly Cart Farm
Certified Organic Vegetables & Herbs


More Gardens and Nurseries

DeGoede’s Bulb Farm

Address: 409 Mossyrock Rd., Mossyrock

Phone: (360) 983-9000

Hours of Operation: Summer Hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 6pm. Closed Sundays


PanAmerica Blueberry Farm

Address: 212 Klickitat Creek Rd., Mossyrock

Phone: (360) 983-3462


Raintree Nursery

Address: 391 Butts Rd., Morton

Phone: (360) 496-6400

Hours of Operation: Wed-Sat 10am to 4pm


Shoestring Valley Nursery

Address: 608 Justus Rd., Cinebar

Phone: (360) 985-2274

Hours of Operation: Tue-Sun 10am to 6pm. Closed Mondays


Burnt Ridge Nursery (Fruit and Nut Trees)

Address: 432 Burnt Ridge Rd., Onalaska

Phone: (360) 985-2873


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