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Local Gardens and Nurseries

DeGoede’s Bulb Farm

Address: 409 Mossyrock Rd., Mossyrock

Phone: (360) 983-9000

Hours of Operation: Summer Hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 6pm. Closed Sundays


PanAmerica Blueberry Farm

Address: 212 Klickitat Creek Rd., Mossyrock

Phone: (360) 983-3462


Raintree Nursery

Address: 391 Butts Rd., Morton

Phone: (360) 496-6400

Hours of Operation: Wed-Sat 10am to 4pm


Shoestring Valley Nursery

Address: 608 Justus Rd., Cinebar

Phone: (360) 985-2274

Hours of Operation: Tue-Sun 10am to 6pm. Closed Mondays


Burnt Ridge Nursery (Fruit and Nut Trees)

Address: 432 Burnt Ridge Rd., Onalaska

Phone: (360) 985-2873


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